Nagi no Asu kara – Yanagi Nagi – Mitsuba no Musubime Lyrics

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Song / 曲: Mitsuba no Musubime / 三つ葉の結びめ / A Knot of Three-Leaf Clovers
Artist / 歌手: Yanagi Nagi / やなぎなぎ
Anime / アニメ: Nagi no Asukara / 凪のあすから
Description: Ending Song 2


無言の言葉であやとりして / mugon no kotoba de ayatori shite
Making a cat’s cradle with silent words

上手に出来たと笑ってみる / jouzu ni dekita to waratte miru
Laughing saying it is well-made

得意なのは誰にも気付かれぬように / tokui na no wa dare ni mo kizukarenu you ni
心押し殺すこと それひとつだけ / kokoro oshikorosu koto sore hitotsu dake
What I’m really good at is to suppress and hide away my heart without anyone noticing

でもとりまく綺麗なループは柔い力で / demo torimaku kirei na RUUPU wa yawai chikara de
Still, the beautiful loop that encircles (us)

手繰り寄せてくれるから / taguri yosete kureru kara
Will gently pull us in

鮮やかに結んで この気持ごと / azayaka ni musunde kono kimochi goto
Tying each and every feeling skilfully with knots

離れないように固く固く / hanarenai you ni kataku kataku
Firmly, firmly so that it doesn’t get separated

ひと結び 人を結んで / hito musubi hito wo musunde
One knot Tying people together

期待の止まない先へ / kitai no yamanai saki he
To where there is great hope

あすへ行こう / asu he yukou
Let’s go towards tomorrow

求めたものなど本当は無く / motometa mono nado hontou wa naku
There is really nothing that I wish for

憧れることに憧れてた / akogareru koto ni akogareteta
I was just longing for the things I wanted to long for

気づいた時 歩いた道は塞がれ / kizuita toki aruita michi wa fusagare
By the time I realised, the road I was walking on was closed

蒔いた筈だった目印も見えない / maita hazu datta mejirushi mo mienai
The sign that should have been there too cannot be seen

北も南も見矢って途方に暮れても / kita mo minami mo miushinatte tohou ni kuretemo
Even though I’ve lost sight of which is north and south and my way has come to an end

空で待っててくれるなら / sora de mattete kureru nara
If you will wait for me in the sky

今高くかざして 消えないあかり / ima takaku kazashite kienai akari
Hanging high above now the light that does not disappear

迷わないように強く強く / mayowanai you ni tsuyoku tsuyoku
(Shining) strongly, strongly so that I won’t lose my way

うなだれた月も照らして / unadareta tsuki mo terashite
The hanging moon is also illuminating

確かな答えを示す みちしるべ / tashika na kotae wo shimesu michishirube
The signpost that shows the certain answers

これから旅に出ようか / korekara tabi ni deyou ka
Shall we go on a journey now?

頼りない船に揺られ / tayorinai fune ni yurare
Rocking on an unreliable ship

数えきれない嵐に糸を断たれ / kazoekirenai arashi ni ito wo tatare
The threads being cut by the countless storms

体に雨が染み込んでも / karada ni ame ga shimikondemo
Even when our bodies are soaked by the rain

その度に何度も結んで この気持ごと / sono tabi ni nandomo musunde kono kimochi goto
Tying each and every feeling with knots as many times as it takes

解けないようにずっとずっと / hodokenai you ni zutto zutto
Continuously, continuously; so that the knots don’t come untied

ひと結び 人を結んで / hito musubi hito wo musunde
One knot Tying people together

期待の止まない先へ / kitai no yamanai saki he
To where there is great hope

あすへ行こう / asu he yukou
Let’s go towards tomorrow

希望乗せて行こう / kibou nosete yukou
Let’s go with hope

Thoughts: The official video is so pretty *_*

Edit: Made some changes to a few lines

Additional Info: Nagi no Asukara, Yanagi Nagi


7 thoughts on “Nagi no Asu kara – Yanagi Nagi – Mitsuba no Musubime Lyrics

  1. 得意なのは誰にも気付かれぬように
    心押し殺すこと それひとつだけ

    These 2 lines should be viewed together, because grammatically they don’t make sense as separate lines. I believe the correct translation for these 2 lines are:

    “The only thing I am good at is suppressing my heart (feelings) so that others don’t find out”


    This line should be: “There really isn’t something that I am looking for”


    In English, 憧れる can mean to yearn for or to look up to and these two translations have different meanings in English, in Japanese however they mean the same thing. Something like “want to be like (somebody)” is more accurate, but in English it’s difficult to phrase it without context. Something like “I just looked up to being admired” is more accurate, but then the wordplay on using 憧れる twice is lost, which is a shame.

    A recurring theme of the song is the use of lyrical overlapping by Yanagi Nagi. Many of the lines have different meanings when viewed in isolation or with context from previous lines. It’s pretty difficult to convey all of that by translating, since word order and vocabulary differences in English and Japanese often ruin any subtle nuances deliberately added by Nagi.

    All in all still a pretty good translation though 🙂


    • Thank you so much for reading through and making comments!

      Sometimes the literal meaning doesn’t work out and I miss the nuance. And songs are difficult because of the poetic license that they take..I’m going to read through the lyrics with our comments in mind and make some changes ^_^

      Thank you again ^^



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