Hello~ Konnichiwa~

I’m Kavitha. Welcome to my little blog. This blog is for posting English translations of anime or J-pop songs.

I started watching anime when I came across Cardcaptor Sakura on TV. Though it was in English, I soon discovered the original Japanese version and started watching in earnest. This has led to do various things like read manga and light novels, collect figurines and anime merchandise, fall in love with seiyuus, become interested in everything Japanese and become quite the Japanophile, learn Japanese and travel to Japan.

I’m learning this beautiful language, Japanese. And this blog is a fun way for me to work on my Japanese translation skills. As I’m still learning, my translation are not perfect, but I’m working hard to get them there ^_^ The name of this blog is a made-up word ‘yume’ meaning ‘dream’ and ‘hokori’ meaning ‘dust’ – ‘dreamdust’

I’ll be using this format for the lyrics:
I will also include links to the songs wherever possible!

If there is any song that you would like to see translated, please leave a request here ^^’

Apart from anime/manga, I love books, coffee, rainy days and British actors, and can be quite fangirl-y and random! My personal blog is Rainwater and Daydreams

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu *^_^*


3 thoughts on “About

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