Drama CD/Songs

Seventh Heaven – 01 Akira :ย Love Delight
Seventh Heavenย – 02 Hinata : Ambivalent Requiem


16 thoughts on “Drama CD/Songs

  1. Hello :3 You could translate Ai Uta (Miyano Mamoru), is that right now you are translating other songs, but if you can then translate it?

    I really want to know what that song says.

    Well, wait for your answer :3



  2. Hello there, I love your translations for most of the songs I listen to. I hope it is not much of a bother, but I was wondering if you can translate Jโ˜†S by MIyano Mamoru? That song really makes me smile (Like the title xD). I would listen to it, but I couldn’t understand. I hope it’s not a hassle! (~>A<~")


  3. Thank you so much for all your translations! The songs always become better once I understand the meaning of the lyrics. If you have time, would you mind translating Sea Tide and ็™ฝๆ˜ผๅคข from Mamo? Those two are my favourite tracks from his WONDER album.
    Thank you!



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