Drama CD/Songs

Seventh Heaven – 01 Akira : Love Delight
Seventh Heaven – 02 Hinata : Ambivalent Requiem


16 thoughts on “Drama CD/Songs

  1. Hello :3 You could translate Ai Uta (Miyano Mamoru), is that right now you are translating other songs, but if you can then translate it?

    I really want to know what that song says.

    Well, wait for your answer :3



  2. Hello there, I love your translations for most of the songs I listen to. I hope it is not much of a bother, but I was wondering if you can translate J☆S by MIyano Mamoru? That song really makes me smile (Like the title xD). I would listen to it, but I couldn’t understand. I hope it’s not a hassle! (~>A<~")


  3. Thank you so much for all your translations! The songs always become better once I understand the meaning of the lyrics. If you have time, would you mind translating Sea Tide and 白昼夢 from Mamo? Those two are my favourite tracks from his WONDER album.
    Thank you!



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