If you have any song that you would like to see translated from Japanese to English, Please leave a comment on this page ^^’

I will do my best to do so  *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*


229 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Konichiwa~~
    i have a song that i want to know it’s translation, the song is:
    Hirato & Akari – La fin de l’eclipse

    and thank you ^.^


  2. Hello!
    Firstly, I would like to thank you for your wonderful Kalafina translations. And secondly, I would like to ask if you could translate Nana Mizuki’s “New Sensation”.
    Thank you!


  3. Hiya!
    Great project you have here, I’m definitely going to check back here more often ^_^

    I also have a request. Could you translate the song “Shirushi” from ClariS? After listening to CLICK (and finally discovering the meaning of the lyrics after reading your translation), I just need more ClariS xD

    Thanks in advance!


  4. Hello! Could you translate Ebb and Flow by Ray? It’s the second opening song for Nagi no Asukara and the full song is released already ! 🙂 thank you !!!


  5. Excuse me 🙂
    Can you translate Nao toyama – heart pattern(ED nisekoi).
    i lke ur translation for OP nisekoi. if possible, i want to get translation for ED nisekoi from you too 😀
    thanks before 😀


  6. Excuse me 🙂
    Can you translate Nao toyama – heart pattern(ED nisekoi).
    i lke ur translation for OP nisekoi. if possible, i want to get translation for ED nisekoi from you too 😀
    thanks before 😀


  7. Hello~ could you please translate Heart Realize by Tia? and also i would like to request With You/With me by 9nine and Yakusoku no Kizuna by minori chihara, risa taneda and yuri yamaoka? thank youuu 😀


  8. Hello could you please translate the opening song of Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou “Itsuka no,Ikutsuka no Kimi no Sekai” by fhana? Thanks 🙂


  9. Could you possibly translate Oracion from No Game No Life? (ED1) The OP1 is pretty good if you ever have time to that as well.

    It’s a new anime, so I don’t expect anyone else to have this translated soon. It’s a really fun show to watch so far as well.

    Thanks! Your Nisekoi lyrics were useful 🙂


  10. Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Butterfly Effect
    Could u please translate this song….
    I really loved it and would like it’s translation…
    Your previous translations for the songs from nisekoi were also good…
    Thank you…


  11. your blog is great 🙂 thanks on the other lyrics .
    i request is ‘Owari no Hoshi no Love Song’ – Yanagi Nagi X Jun Maeda . thanks ,

    ive seen other websites have this lyrics . but their not arranged . unlike your is arrange perfectly with Kanji letters 🙂


    • Ah! I just came here now to request the same song ^_^ , glad I read other requests first before posting my request ^^ .

      I totally second that (^O^)/
      me too,I love “Last Around” so much,
      it’s really a very charming song,I fell in love with it even without fully understand its lyrics,but as always Mamoru-san has the talent & the sensation that can convey the feelings of each word even with the existence of language barrier.

      as a little help , here is the Kanji for the lyrics :
      this song is the 2nd track from single “Dream Fighter”

      also there is an amazing live performance here ♥ :

      Thank you dear Kavitha-san in advance ✿ , I really appreciate all of your hard work , and I totally admire your blog & lovely translations , wishing you the best in everything you do.

      Have a nice day ^_^
      Best Regards,


      • for some reason the lyrics links doesn’t work till you copy it & paste on your browser *__* , I hope that won’t be a problem for you * shy*, I just thought that would help a little.


          • Yay~~ Thank you so so much for this , I love your translation, your sensation of the lyrics and your lovely choosing of words ! ❤ ,now I love this song even more ^__^ , more than grateful for taking the time to translate it and share it with us,and for responding to our requests , wishing you the best in everything you do.

            Have a nice day


  12. Hi, would you be able to translate a song from a Pachinko Slot series called Magical Sweet Prism Nana? the title is this, まじかるエンジン, and it can be found on youtube. Unfortunately there’s no record of any kanji lyrics, so I hope you can translate by ear. TTATT


  13. Konnichiha-

    Your work is great! I maze into this blog to see full lyrics of “Extra Magic World”.
    I am a native Japanese but doing the same! 冒険彗星 from Tales of The Abyss is one of them.
    You and my translation seems so close and thus I am interested in yours, if possible.

    I will visit here again for my English upgrading.
    Then is that meddling to leave a comment on articles with a bit unnatural translation?



    • Thank you so much for reading my blog!

      Please do tell me when my translations are not correct. I’m only a student of Japanese..still will be very happy to correct mistakes

      Please also feel free to ask me about anything else


      • Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late reply.

        Almost all is natural I suppose but I found one unnatural one at the beginning.
        > パズルのピースはまるみたい / PAZURU no PIISU wa marumitai
        > It seems that this puzzle piece is the right one
        パズルのピースはまるみたい / PAZURU no PIISU hamarumitai # は丸みたい → 嵌るみたい
        It’s just like fitting puzzle pieces
        You know, no puzzle piece is circle.

        I am wondering if I can ask you trying to interpret into which English, Britain or American or kind of just for my recognition.
        We, Japanese, are basically taught American one but I wanna be Britain one speaker.


  14. Hello!
    I come to tell you I love all your translations of Miyano Mamoru!!!
    I have a page dedicated to him and we are planning on multiple subtitle of their lives (for now only songs) in English and Spanish, could you lend me your translations? We give the corresponding appropriations and keep you abreast of the songs that put your translations. Would you give me permission to use them? ❤
    Thanks for reading.


  15. first of all site is awesome thank you for all translations they are awesome;
    about my request, Namida ga kieru nara from Ikimonogakari
    it’s name has awesome meaning so i wonder meaning of song in english
    it will be awesome if you translate …


  16. Hello again ✿ ^__^

    there’s that song which I fell deeply in love with for years, ( as it was one of the tracks used in my all-time favorite anime “Lady Lady ” which I watched during my childhood) ,I tried to find that song for years and finally found it , but I couldn’t find any English translation to it ( actually it was so hard even to find the kanji of the lyrics ,I guess because it’s from the eighties) , however thank God after a long search I was able to find those lyrics in one of the forums,
    so if it’s possible,I would really appreciate it if you kindly can translate that song *shy*

    here what I’ve found :

    旅立ちの前夜 Tabidachi no Zenya (The Eve of Departure ) –
    By : 北原 拓 Taku Kitahara
    作詞 :白峰美津子(mitsuko siramine)
    作曲/編曲 : 田中公平(kohei tanaka)
    to listen to the song :

    or as Mp3 :!6UA13bjI!OCaY4hdX2v5UTIEunAMYraUPmVtBYjfl0IvJpZST4V0

    Lyrics :
    (Credit to that user :

    Sky 空に輝く星があるように
    Hi? たった一つの希望があった
    Tree 赤く木の実が色づくように
    Dream たった一つの希望が叶う

    Blue 川が東へ流れるように
    Hi? たった一つの希望が消えた
    Winds?Weeds? 風が小さな種を運んで
    Dream 何時かすてきな希望と出会う

    wish you all the best in everything you do , Thank you for taking the time to read this and for everything you do for us.

    Have a lovely day ♥


  17. Hello! I absolutely adore all your translations, they’ve really helped me find my new favorite artists/songs. I was wondering if you can translate “Color” by CHiCO with Honeyworks? I recently found this song, and I’m really curious as to what the song’s about! ; v ; Thank you again!!


  18. Konnichiwa!!! I really loce your works… XD If you don’t mind, could you please translate this song? From the album of ClariS – Click… The title of the song is Next to you… Look like there are many request from the songs and album of ClariS. She is really a great artist and her songs are also really awesome with beautiful meaning embedded on it!!!
    Thank you so much….


  19. I was wondering if it was possible for the song Drop by the artist ClariS or Clara Alice. I’ve been looking everywhere for the romaji to it, and have even been looking for the kanji. As soon as I find a website with one of them I will be sure to send you the link to it. And the song Drop is on Youtube, if you want to listen to it. Thank you if your considering this request! ^~^


  20. Hi, I see your Goosehouse translations and can’t thank you enough for it since they’re just getting really popular since Oto no Naru Hou e. If you don’t mind I would like to request you for translating more Goosehouse songs such as Sing, Beautiful Life, Just Friend, Harunohi -Gasshou- , etc. All of their songs are good. Thank you if your considering my request, I will visit this site more often from now on 🙂


  21. hello there. Can I request a lyric for English translations here?

    Title: Blue Snow
    Artist: Trident
    Anime: Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Ars Nova DC (Movie)
    Description: Opening Song
    Kanji lyric:
    Video (short ver.) :

    I hope you accept this request. And by the way, thank you so much for many of your translations here, especially Nisekoi endings, ‘yakusoku no kizuna’, and Kalafina songs. I am looking forward for your updates. Thank you 🙂


  22. Hello Yume-kun
    I have seen countless anisong translation, but I cant seems to like them. But your translation style changed my mind. Would you mind translating this:
    Song : platonic prison
    Artist : 黒猫(CV:花澤香菜)
    Album : ~俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがないComplete Collection+~俺妹コンプ+!
    Composer : yamazo
    Link :

    Keep up the good work and THANK YOU!!!


  23. This is my own kanji/romaji lyrics that I copy from other web and changed to your translation style. I hope it’ll help

    俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない イメージソング歌詞
    Oreimo Image Song – Platonic prison lyrics

    -Platonic prison-
    歌手/Vocal: 花澤 香菜 Hanazawa Kana
    作詞/Lyrics: 古屋真
    作曲/Composition: yamazo
    編曲/Arrangement: yamazo/流歌

    ずっと離れないで ずっと想っていて / zutto hanarenai de zutto omotteite

    いつか また手をつなげるように / itsuka mata te wo tsunageru you ni

    ねえ あなたの夢を見たわ / nee anata no yume wo mita wa

    優しく抱きしめてくれてた…莫迦みたい / yasashiku dakishimete kureteta…baka mitai

    そう 会いたいのよ 今すぐ / sou aitai no yo ima sugu

    時々 弱気に負けそうなの 今も / tokidoki yowaki ni makesou na no ima mo

    あの日 嬉し過ぎて 滲んでいた花火 / ano hi ureshisugite nijindeita hanabi

    本当に 時間を 戻したいけれど Ah / hontou ni jikan wo modoshitai keredo Ah

    こんなに 大嫌いで いとしい この世界で / konna ni daikirai de itoshii kono sekai de

    私だけ幸せでいいわけがない / watashi dake shiawase de ii wake ga nai

    声が聴きたくて 涙が止まらなくて / koe ga kikitakute namida ga tomaranakute

    駄目ね この想い眠らないままで / dame ne kono omoi nemuranai mama de

    Ah 恋愛指南書が囁くの / Ah gurimoa ga sasayaku no

    “お前に恋など出来るか”と…そうね / “omae ni koi nado dekiru ka” to…sou ne

    だけど大好きなの 心の支えなの / dakedo daisuki na no kokoro no sasae na no

    ずっと一緒よね そうだと言ってね Ah / zutto issho yo ne sou da to itte ne Ah

    どんなに 残酷で 悲しい 勇気だって / donna ni zankoku de kanashii yuuki datte

    いつか みんなで笑えれば構わない / itsuka minna de waraereba kamawanai

    あなたが流した 涙がうれしかった / anata ga nagashita namida ga ureshikatta

    愛が そんなに生まれていたなんて / ai ga sonna ni umareteita nante

    こんなに 優しくて いとしい この世界で / konna ni yasashikute itoshii kono sekai de

    私だけ弱くてもいいわけがない / watashi dake yowakute mo ii wake ga nai

    だから 出て来ないで 心で暴れないで / dakara detekonai de kokoro de abarenai de

    いつか 願いがひとつになるように / itsuka negai ga hitotsu ni naru you ni

    ずっと離れないで 恋心 消さないで / zutto hanarenai de koigokoro kesanai de

    ふたり もう一度手をつなげるように / futari mou ichido te wo tsunageru you ni


  24. Hello Yumehokori

    Can u translated Day To Story from Date A Live Season 2 ending.
    I hope you can help me as i love that song very much.


  25. Hello!
    Could you translate the Show By Rock insert songs?
    If you can do only one please do Tabiji Yoiyoi Yume Hanabi
    Thank you! Keep up the great work!


  26. Love your lyrics!!
    Could you please translate: Strike Back, Fairy Tail OP 16

    ❀ ๑ º : • º. 。 ❀

    I would love to see your translation of this song ^-^
    Keep up the great work


  27. こんにちは〜

    I just love your website and your translations! ご苦労さまでした〜

    Which is also why I’d like to see your translation of the song “Bravely You” by Lia, from the anime Charlotte.

    So, if it’s not too much trouble, please do translate it! I’ll be looking forward to it~



  28. Hi this is my first time requesting.

    Can I request for you to translate Yanagi Nagi’s Renai Circulation. Because her version is slightly different from Bakemonogatari.

    Also Heart no Tone ni Kizuite yo! Dareka by voice actors of Nozaki, Mikorin, Sakura Chiyo of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. It quite a good character song. Tune is catchy too.

    Thanks in advance.


  29. Hi, Im Yuri and Im admi in an anime community. Well Im looking a partner site focus on lyrics and your site is good. What do you say, are you interesting in be a part of a nice anime community? I hope you send me a email to talk about this.


  30. All your translations are so wonderful! I’ve been searching translation for a lot of things and you got them all! Thank you for bringing all of this, If I may request, I’ve seen that you did 3 translation for short stories of monogatari, So I wanted to ask if you could do Shinobu House, Karen ArmLeg, Tsukihi Eternal and Hitagi Neck?They are form the Nisemonogatari complete guidebook, I tried trasnlating Shinobu house but stop midway they are like 2 pages long each one I’ll leave the link here if you’re interested: and here’s the part of Shinobu House that I tried translating


  31. Hi !

    First, thanks a lot for your excellent work ! I just read Hitagi Figure, Shinobu Figure and Hitagi Throwing.
    I see I’m not the first to ask, but translating Monogatari short stories would be a great contribution to the english-speaking Monogatari community, since almost none of those have been translated. I hope you will be able to do more of them, I bet a lot of people would appreciate it !

    Thanks !

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Greetings, first of all, great job!
    Now what I come for :I found some of the raws of monogatari series short stories(8 of them), the fifth reply on this page have the links, the mirror works. I downloaded it already. You have to sign up and reply any post for download something, not a big deal I think. If the link doesn’t work anymore i can send the RAWS to you. Please 🙂 I know is a lot of work, take your time 🙂 good luck and merry cristhmas.


  33. Hello Yume! First of all I want to thank you for all of these translations that you bring to use, specially from the character songs that no one cares, but every translation you do from OP and EDs of anime to artists songs are the best
    I saw that you translate some Nisekoi character songs so I was wondering if you could translate White Gift by Onodera Kosaki, it’s a character song that came out last year in December, and I really like it, I could understand some parts but I need to know what the whole song says >x<
    You can listen the song here:
    and the lyrics it's here:
    Thank you very much if you decide to translate this!
    Also nice theme in your blog now that it's almost winter it fits ^w^


  34. Hello YumeHokori. Thanks for translating song for us. I hope you can translated a song for me.
    Title: True Heaven
    Artis: Nashetania(CV: Yoko Hikasa)


  35. Thank you for your hardwork! Can I request a translation for this song?
    シュレディンガー・ハート by ニムエ(CV.小倉唯)
    I really love your translating format style. I love this Yui Ogura song but can’t seems to found the translation for this song yet. I already foung the lyrics and change it to your format style. Hope this can help;

    Song: シュレディンガー・ハート (Schrodinger Heart)
    Character: Nimue (CV: Yui Ogura)

    伝えます。はっきりして・はっきりしない、そんな想いを / Tsutaemasu. Hakkiri shite hakkiri shinai, son’na omoi o

    一緒にいると不安で安心、何故でしょう? / Issho ni iru to fuande anshin, nazedeshou?

    言葉ってちょっと自由・ちょっと不自由…上手に言えない / Kotoba tte chotto jiyū chotto fujiyū… jōzu ni ienai

    くっつかないくらい離れない距離にいてください / Kuttsukanai kurai hanarenai kyori ni ite kudasai

    (Ah…My Heart…Alway Yes And No) / (Ah… My hāto… Alway iesu And No)

    『近くて遠いです、微妙すぎて…期待でガッカリです。 / 『Chikakute tōidesu, bimyō sugite… kitai de gakkaridesu.

    目を逸らしたら見つめてみます』 / Me o sorashitara mitsumete mimasu』

    知って欲しくて秘密なんです / Shitte hoshikute himitsuna ndesu

    ドキドキなのにホッとすること / Dokidokinanoni ho~t to suru koto

    箱を開けたら決まっちゃう気持ちに (Open My Heart) / Hako o aketara kima~c chau kimochi ni (Open My hāto)

    鍵掛けて…開けてください / Kagi kakete… akete kudasai

    伝えます。嬉しくて切なくなるそんな想いを / Tsutaemasu. Ureshikute setsunaku naru son’na omoi o

    一緒にいると笑顔で泣きそう、何故でしょう? / Issho ni iru to egao de naki-sō, nazedeshou?

    いつだってちょっとご機嫌・ちょっと不機嫌…魔法みたいに / Itsu datte chotto gokigen chotto fukigen… mahō mitai ni

    誰にも感じない、たった一人に感じちゃいます / Darenimo kanjinai, tatta hitori ni kanjicha imasu

    (Ah…My Heart…Alway Yes And No) / (Ah… My hāto… Alway iesu And No)

    『あなたに側にいて欲しい…って気持ちが理解できずに / 『Anata ni sobanītehoshī… tte kimochi ga rikai dekizu ni

    納得です。手が触れたら、繋いでみます』 / Nattokudesu. Te ga furetara, tsunaide mimasu』

    不思議で確か、胸の奥が / Fushigide tashika, mune no oku ga

    フワフワしててキュッと痛いの / Fuwafuwa shi tete kyu~t to itai no

    箱の中身を知りたい…知りたくない (Open My Heart) / Hako no nakami o shiritai… shiritakunai (Open My hāto)

    これが『心』でしょうか / Kore ga “kokoro”deshou ka

    伝えます。優しくて辛くなるこんな想いが / Tsutaemasu. Yasashikute tsuraku naru kon’na omoi ga

    一緒にいるとわからなくなる、何故でしょう? / Issho ni iru to wakaranaku naru, nazedeshou?

    知りたくてちょっと大胆、ちょっと臆病…どうしましょうか / Shiritakute chotto daitan, chotto okubyō…-dōshimashou ka

    くっつかないくらい離れない距離にいてください / Kuttsukanai kurai hanarenai kyori ni ite kudasai

    YES と NO が同じ箱に隠れて / I~esu to NO ga onaji hako ni kakurete

    いつもあなたを待ってるの / Itsumo anata o ma~t teru no

    伝えたい、ずっとずっと知ってました…ホントはずっと / Tsutaetai, zuttozutto shi~t temashita… honto wa zutto

    一緒にいると不安で安心、何故かって / Issho ni iru to fuande anshin, nazeka tte

    言葉ってちょっと自由・ちょっと不自由…上手に言えない / Kotoba tte chotto jiyū chotto fujiyū… jōzu ni ienai

    だけど言いますね、私の声であなただけに / Dakedo iimasu ne, watashi no koe de anata dake ni

    (Alway Yes And No) / (Alway iesu And No)

    『こんな想いは分け合って独り占めです。 / “Kon’na omoi wa wakeatte hitorijimedesu.

    大丈夫…離れていても、側にいます』 / Daijōbu… hanarete ite mo,-soba ni imasu”

    I hope you can enjoy this song too!


  36. Hello!
    Can you please translate ‘sore wa chiisana hikari no youna’ from Erased ‘Boku Dake ga Inai Machi’ anime please?
    Love you blog!


  37. I’ve been listening to this catchy song lately. I tried to find english lyrics/sub for it but there wasn’t any out there. I was hoping you could translate it, hopefully you’re not too busy. So, can I make a request? 🙂

    The song is called Rakenaria no me.


  38. Can you please translate songs titled “iris”, “Hypnospira” and “Mephisto” From a vocaloid album “Eschatology” by MuryokuP.
    Love your work.


    • I’m sorry but can you please translate the entire album? Sorry for asking again. Hope you see this comment too.


  39. Can you please translate this album of “Eschatology” by MuryokuP?
    Not all tracks have lyrics in them. I searched far and wide but could not find any translation.
    It’s a good album with tracks having unusual mix of genres, orchestral with metal and electronic.
    Ganbatte for your future studies.
    Onegai for translation.

    Here is the link to the album on my google drive

    Liked by 1 person

  40. HI!! Really love ur translation!! Keep up the brilliant works!! Can u please translate the full version of:
    1.Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence by Kitakore, one of the group idols in B-Project
    2. All categorize by Takuto in Young Black Jack anime
    3. I’m feeling alive by UMI KUUN ,also from Young Black Jack.
    Sorry 4 asking much, I have searched everywhere but couldn’t find them.
    Osewani natte gomenasai..
    Hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu! \(n_n)/ XDDD


  41. HI!! Really love ur translation!! Keep up the brilliant works!! Can u please translate the full version of:
    1.Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence by Kitakore, one of the group idols in B-Project
    2. All categorize by Takuto in Young Black Jack anime
    3. I’m feeling alive by UMI KUUN ,also from Young Black Jack.
    Sorry 4 asking much, I have searched everywhere but couldn’t find them.
    Osewani natte gomenasai..
    Hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu! \(n_n)/ XDD


  42. Hello~ Found this page recently and have been loving these translation. It’s easy to listen and follow ! I would like to request a song but it’s fine if you don’t have time to do it.

    It’s from Ano Natsu de Matteru, song name “Vidro Moyou” by Nagi Yanagi.

    Anyway, thanks for the translation !


  43. Please translate the song 雪花火(Yuki Hanabi)! It’s the ending song on episode 6 of the anime Fuuka. It sounded sad and beautiful at the same time.


  44. Hello! I really appreciate the Touken Ranbu translations you have done. I would like to request translations of Touken Ranbu Hanamaru ED 5 (Izuru Tsuki, Shouen no Uta) and ED 8 (Nikkari Ayakashi Kazoeuta). Those two are my favorite. Thank you!


  45. Thanks for your hardwork!! These days I really love to listen to the song fr King of Prism album. But when I google for the lyrics, I only found the kanji. Let alone the English translation, I couldn’t even find the romaji. So, I turn to you hehehe… Can you please provide the romaji and the english translation of Zeus~ Ore wa Saikyou Star by Uchida Yuuma? Really, really grateful to you for even just read this.. Really appreciated!! Thanks a bunch!!


  46. Hello there! Do you can you do Another Heaven by Earthmind? It’s from Fate Stay Night – Heaven’s Feel Route. It’s quite good. And also, Floatable by MAO from the otome game Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth. Both are good songs IMO. 🙂 Thank you!


  47. Hello! Can you translate this song, Hirai Ken – Nonfiction? It’s killing me that I can’t understand such an emotional song 😦 Thank you.


  48. Please translate “One more time, one more chance” by Masayoshi Yamazaki from 5 Centimeters per second. There are various translations available but i prefer your translations therefore. onegai~.


  49. Hello,
    I’d like to request a translation for the song 一対の火花、秘め事に触れ from Zoku Touken Ranbu Hanamaru. Thanks.



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