Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu – Hikari Tatsu Ame Lyrics

Song / 曲: Hikari Tatsu Ame / 光断つ雨 / The Rain That Blocks the Light
Artist / 歌手: Saito Soma / 斉藤壮馬
Anime / アニメ: Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu / 活撃/刀剣乱舞
Description: Opening Song

誰のせいでもないことなら / dare no sei demo nai koto nara
If it is not anyone’s fault

誰が負うべきなのだろう / dare ga ou beki na no darou
Then who should be the one to be defeated

抗い続ける先には / aragai tsuzukeru saki ni wa
As we continue to fight

どれだけの現実があるか / dore dake no genjitsu ga aru ka
I wonder how much of this is reality

刻む秒針追いかけるほどに / kizamu byoushin oikakeru hodo ni
置き去りにされてゆく / okizari ni sarete yuku
We are being left behind as though we are chasing the hand of the clock keeping time

まだ息の絶えない悲しみさえ / mada iki no taenai kanashimi sae
Even this sadness that is still so fresh and alive

この雨が消してゆく / kono ame ga keshite yuku
This rain washes it all away

止められない時のように降り続く雨 / tomerarenai toki no you ni furitsuzuku ame
The rain that continues to pour down like the time that cannot be stopped

視界を遮るからもう何も見えない / shikai wo saegiru kara mou nani mo mienai
It (the rain) blocks my view so that I cannot see anything

それでも今進むなら鼓動を止めて / soredemo ima susumu nara kodou* wo tomete
If we are to still keep moving on, we have to stop feeling

偽善と呼べばいいだろう / gizen to yobeba ii darou
And just call it all hypocrisy

雲を断つ光 その意味を知ろう / kumo wo tatsu hikari sono imi wo shirou
Let’s find out the meaning of this cloud that blocks the light

変わらない日々があるために / kawaranai hibi ga aru tame ni
To keep these days unchanged

どれだけの犠牲が要るだろう / dore dake no gisei ga iru darou
How much sacrifice is necessary?

流れたすべて飲み込むように / nagareta subete nomikomu you ni
As though swallowing up everything that has been lost

また雨が降り出した / mata ame ga furidashita
The rain started to pour again

悔みきれない過去のように乾かない雨 / kuyami kirenai kako no you ni kawakanai ame
The rain that doesn’t let up like the past that I continue to regret

この腕も叩くから何も握れない / kono ude mo tataku kara nani mo nigirenai
It continues to fall on this hand too and (I) cannot grasp anything

それでもまだ光こそ正しいと言うなら / soredemo mada hikari koso tadashii to iu nara
But even then, if you say the light shows what is right

目を逸らすことになる / me wo sorasu koto ni naru
It makes (us) to look away

例えば誰かを傷付けたとて / tatoeba dareka wo kizu tsuketa to te
Even if we hurt someone by that

いつまでも続く永い雨容赦なく熱を奪う / itsumade mo tsuzuku nagai ame youshanaku netsu wo ubau
This rain that doesn’t seem to stop steals our warmth without mercy

なすがままのこの心冷えきってく / nasu ga mama no kono kokoro hiekitteku
And this heart becomes colder and colder

胸の奥で鳴る音が聞こえるのなら / mune no oku de naru oto ga kikoeru no nara
If you can hear the sound that rings out from the bottom of your heart

理由なんてそれ以外有りえはしないだろう / riyuu nante sore igai arie wa shinai darou
There is no need for a reason more than that

止められない時のように降り続く雨 / tomerarenai toki no you ni furitsuzuku ame
The rain that continues to pour down like the time that cannot be stopped

視界を遮るからもう何も見えない / shikai wo saegiru kara mou nani mo mienai
It (the rain) blocks my view so that I cannot see anything

それでもなお進むしかないと言うなら / soredemo nao susumu shikanai to iu nara
If you say, we still have no choice but to keep moving forward

答えは必要ない / kotae wa hitsuyou nai
I don’t need any answers

終わったその時残った何かが真実でいい / owatta sono toki nokotta nanika ga shinjitsu de ii
Let whatever is remaining after it has all ended be the truth

*kodou is heartbeat – but ‘stop the heartbeat’ sounds weird…so I went with feelings

Thoughts: Geesh…I thought Kalafina’s ending song was depressing…before this
Also, the last two lines of this song just feel like something Mikazuki would say…not expecting anything, very realistic and a little sad…like someone who has seen so much of life…



4 thoughts on “Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu – Hikari Tatsu Ame Lyrics

  1. Hello. I wanted to thank you for these lyrics. I also thought the song was pretty depressing! The anime is on such a different tone from Touken Ranbu. Maybe that is why we fans like it so much!

    I just wanted to ask if you had any plans to translate the special character songs that were released for this anime. I have looked all over for the lyrics, even romaji ones just so I can understand what they are saying, but I have been unable to find any. If you are willing and free to translate, please do let me know.

    Thanks and take care.



    • Hello!

      Thank you for reading my lyrics. Katsugeki is my favourite adaptation of TR so far.

      I would love to translate all the character songs, but I don’t have the songs or lyrics…do you have any of them?
      I have only Mikazuki’s song ‘Gen’…which I will get to soon (I got the DVD set recently :D)
      Let me know if you find the lyrics and I’d be happy to translate them…I’ll look around too!


      • Dear Kavitha-san,

        I am so sorry for the late reply! I didn’t get a notification on my email!

        I have the songs, but I don’t have the lyrics at all, romaji or kanji. If you like, you could email me on my email and I could send you the songs via email. Or if you want to share your email address, I would be more than happy to send them to you!

        Please let me know whatever you decide!

        Also, do you have any news about the KTR movie?




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