Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu – Hyakka Rouran (TV Size) Lyrics

Song / 曲: Hyakka Rouran / 百火繚乱 / A Hundred Blooming Fires
Artist / 歌手: Kalafina
Anime / アニメ: Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu / 活撃/刀剣乱舞
Description: Ending Song

[Note: OK..I’m so bad at identifying the particles between words when I listen….and getting the particles wrong will change the whole meaning..so take these translations with a pinch of salt….gomen T_T…I will correct any mistakes once I get the singles and the official booklets in my hands….]

夢を見て僕らは泣いた / yume wo mite bokura wa naita
We saw the dream and we cried

涙を持たぬはずの鋼の心で / namida wo motanu hazu no hagane no kokoro de
(we cried) with this heart of steel that is not supposed to know tears

運命を持った違う夜明けの色を祈り / sadame wo motta chigau yoake no iro wo inori
Praying for a dawn of a different colour which can hold our destinies

何を守るためにまた知り得た時を彷徨って / nani ka wo mamoru tame ni mata shiri eta toki wo samayotte
To protect something, we are wandering in this familiar time again

滅びへと駆け抜ける光放つ刃 / horobi he to kakenukeru hikari hanatsu yaiba
The brilliantly shining blade that is running towards its destruction

あの時消えていった赤い虹の彼方には / ano toki kiete itta akai niji no kanata ni wa
Beyond the red rainbow that disappeared back then

君が見た世界がまだ / kimi ga mita sekai ga mada
The world that you saw is still there

目覚めを知らず天にあって / mezame wo shirazu ten ni atte
That world is still there up in the sky, without coming to life

Additional Info: Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu



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