Touken Ranbu OP Movie – Mugenranbushou Lyrics [Game Size]

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Song / 曲: Mugenranbushou / 夢現乱舞抄
Artist / 歌手: Itagaki Soutarou / 板垣奏太郎
Game / ゲーム : Touken Ranbu / 刀剣乱舞
Description : Game Opening Movie Song

一陣の風が如く / ichijin no kaze ga gotoku
Like a gust of wind

時代を駆けゆけと / toki wo kakeyuke to
Run across time…

闇に裂いて 響く刃音 宿命を背負い / yami ni saite hibiku haoto sadame wo seoi
The resonating sound of blades clashing in the darkness that is bearing fate

往くは乱世 舞うは夢か現か / yuku wa ranse mau wa yume ka utsutsu ka
(we are) going to the battlefield (what is) fluttering there, is that a dream or is it the reality

硬き岩も砕く剣 / kataki iwa mo kudaku tsurugi
The blade that can break even the hardest rock

その身は唯 気高く / sono mi wa tada kedakaku
(that) body that is merely noble

焔が如く煌めく / homura ga gotoku kirameku
Shining like a flame

刹那に込め討ち込む 猛き一撃 / setsuna ni kome uchikomu tataki ichigeki
The one single moment and the one fierce attack

雷鳴 とどらかせ / raimei todorakase
Make the thunder roar

戦場に燃ゆるは 生命の華 / ikusaba ni moyuru wa inochi no hana
That which burns on the battlefield is the flower of life

いざ出陣 さあ土煙上げ / iza shutsujin saa tsuchikemuri age
Let’s depart now raising the dust after us

地平の果てまで / chihei no hate made
Till the end of the horizon

荒野に落ちた 名もなき泪 / kouya ni ochita na mo naki namida
The nameless that tears that fell on this wasteland

踏み越えてゆけ / fumikoete yuke
Let’s overcome (it and keep) going

たとえその全てが果敢無くとも / tatoe sono subete ga hakanakutomo
Even if all of this is just fleeting and fragile

天を仰ぎ / sora wo aogi
Looking up to the heavens

覚悟を宿して闘うのみ / kakugo wo yadoshite tatakaunomi
We only have to strengthen our resolve and fight

烈しく 強く 乱れ舞うように / hageshiku tsuyoku midaremau you ni
Fiercely strongly wildly


2 thoughts on “Touken Ranbu OP Movie – Mugenranbushou Lyrics [Game Size]

  1. “猛き一撃” Is sung as *Tataki* ichigeki, not mouki ichigeki.
    There is no “moyuru no wa” in “戦場に燃ゆるは 生命の華”: Ikusaba ni moyuru *wa* inochi no hana.

    Also fumikoeru can mean to trample over so 荒野に落ちた名もなき泪 踏み越えてゆけ -> “The nameless that tears that fell on this wasteland, let’s trample over *them* and keep on going”. The image is of grinding the tears into the dust underfoot as they carry on fighting.


    • Thank you so much for reading through and your comments ^^
      The first two were my mistakes…I’ve corrected them…thank you again.

      踏み does have the meaning ‘trample’ but usually when it is used with ‘越る’ it means to overcome…so I’m going to stick with my idea of it ^^



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