Touken Ranbu Musical – Shouri no Hata (on-stage version) Lyrics


Song / 曲: Shouri no Hata / 勝利の旗 / The Flag of Victory
Artist / 歌手: Musical Cast
Stage / 舞台 : Touken Ranbu Musical: Team Sanjou with Kashuu Kiyomitsu / 刀剣乱舞ミュシカル

<今剣 / Imanotsurugi>
いざ走れ 時空を超えて / iza hashire jikuu wo koete
Run! Crossing over space-time

<石切丸 / Ishikirimaru>
歪んだ歴史 切り裂け / yuganda rekishi kirisake
Tearing through this warped history

<三日月宗近 / Mikazuki Munechika>
無くした過去と 今 未来 / nakushita kako to ima mirai
The past that we have lost and now the future

<岩融 / Iwatooshi>
取り戻せよ 男の誇りにかけて / torimodose yo otoko no hokori kakete
Let’s take it all back swearing on this male pride

<加州清光 / Kashuu Kiyomitsu>
広がる世界は 戦乱の地 / hirogaru sekai wa senran no chi
This new world is a land of wars

<子狐丸 / Kogitsunemaru>
雄叫びあげて 進めよ 進めよ 進め / otakebi agete susume yo susume yo susume
With a war cry let’s move forward let’s move forward let’s move forward

<加州清光 / Kashuu Kiyomitsu>
「さあ、出陣だ!」 / 「saa, shutsujin da!」
Come, it is time to depart!

失うことなど恐れない / ushinau koto nado osorenai
(We) will not be scared of losing (everything)

風が逆巻いても 大地割れるとも / kaze ga sakamaitemo daichi wareru to mo
Even when the wind blows against us even when the earth cracks (under our feet)

この身一つだけを 道連れにして / kono mi hitotsu dake wo michitsure ni shite
Taking only this body with us

敵を蹴散らせ 刃 折れても / teki wo kerichirase yaiba oretemo
(We) will kick apart the enemies even when this blade breaks

屍を超えて行け  / shikabane wo koete yuke
Crossing over the dead bodies

その先には / sono saki ni wa
きっとある俺達の 勝利の旗 / kitto aru oretachi no shouri no hata
Surely ahead, the flag of our victory is there

Notes: This is the version of the song sung in the musical….I hope there is a longer version in the upcoming CDs
Thoughts: This song is so freaking perfect! I like it even more than the Touken Ranbu song *_*
Also don’t say things like ‘yaiba oretemo/even if this blade breaks’…I will cry TT_TT

Additional Info: Touken Ranbu Musical


4 thoughts on “Touken Ranbu Musical – Shouri no Hata (on-stage version) Lyrics

  1. Glad found someone who translating this song! (´。• ω •。`)

    This one (along with tatakau mono tachi no requiem one lol that title is too long) is my favorite in entire musical. Around mid-March, I try to make subtitle for toumyu trial and now I admit I did many mistake while translating it xD. Although even I only subbing for educational purpose, I felt embarrassed for being over proud with my own listening ability.

    Yes! I thought of same thing too! For me, both of shouri no hata and tatakau monotachi no requiem felt more ‘touken ranbu’-ish than the opening song lol.

    Lastly, thank you for providing this awesome translation 。゚(TヮT)゚。


    • Oh I’m sure mine is full of mistakes too..translations are never perfect becuase it is just interpretations..everyone sees things a bit differently!!!

      It is great fun to translate to study!!! Thank you so much for reading my translations! If you find anything that could be improved please do pint it out to me!!


  2. There is indeed a long version! I have the song on file here, if you’d like it to translate it. I also have the booklet with the lyrics, but if you already have lyrics on hand, that’s great. 🙂 (I have the limited editions, both of them, so I can provide long versions of the songs if needed) I haven’t scanned the booklet yet, so that’s something I should do later…



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