Touken Ranbu Musical Lyrics

HitoLately my life has been gloriously revolving around Touken Ranbu XD Recently there was an amazing musical with the swords from the game and it was so perfect and fantastic and beautiful, that I wanted to translate all the songs from the musical.

Musical-Sanjou&KashuuSo here goes!

Team Sanjou with Kashuu Kiyomitsu: Atsukashiyama Ibun

  1. Touken Ranbu / 刀剣乱舞
  2. Nagoritsuki / 名残月 (Kaeshiuta/返歌)
  3. Love Story
  4. Otokomichi
  5. Mabataki
  6. Kira Kira Song
  7. Kimi no Uta
  8. Endless Night
  9. Sayonara
  10. Shouri no Hata (on-stage version)
  11. Shouri no Hata
  12. Tatakau Mono no Requiem
  13. Egaiteita Mirai he

Shinsengumi: Bakumatsu Tenrouden

  1. Yume Hitotsu
  2. Hitohira no Kaze
  3. Touken Ranbu ver. Bakumatsu Tenrouden

11 thoughts on “Touken Ranbu Musical Lyrics

          • Hello Kavitha..
            Is nice to meet you
            I’m your new follower and a fan since you translate the wonderful Touken Ranbu Musical lyrics ^^
            But.. I also notice there some of the songs that haven’t being translate yet and I was wondering if you have plans to translate the rest of the songs?
            Or is it there too many songs that you can’t translate it all? O.O’
            Sorry if I’m asking too much >.<
            This is the list Touken Ranbu Musical songs that I haven't found the romaji and english lyrics yet..
            01. Additional Times
            02. GATEWAY
            03. Oogesa
            04. Takaramono
            05. Tokenai Mahou
            06. Show Me The World
            07. Mistake
            08. EOEOA
            please tell me if you planning to translate one of the songs ^^


  1. Thank you for all the lyrics you translate!
    Is just.. missing a couple songs, like..
    Additional Times
    Show Me The World
    Tokenai Mahou

    I hope you can tranlate this songs too Q.Q
    Because I love Touken Ranbu Musical so much too!
    And your translation is very good than the other!



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