Doukyusei – Moyuru Wakaba yo Lyrics

Song / 曲: Moyuru Wakaba yo / 萌ゆる若葉よ
Artist / 歌手: Seiyuu Cast
Anime / アニメ:  Doukyusei / 同級生
Description: Insert Song

振り向く瞳に / furimuku hitomi ni
In those eyes that are looking back

萌ゆる若葉よ / moyuru wakaba yo
(the) new young leaves

春風に戦ぐ / haru kaze ni soyogu
Swaying in the spring breeze

青木大地を / aoki daichi wo
This land covered in trees

いつか君とくる / itsuka kimi to kuru
Someday I will come here with you

すくし大人になった日に / sukoshi otona ni natta hi ni
When we have become a little older

その時また君の / sono toki mata kimi no
At that time too, again

萌ゆる若葉の / moyuru wakaba no
映る目に会いたい / utsuru me ni aitai
I want to see those eyes that reflect the new young leaves


Additional Info: Doukyuusei


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