Doukyusei -Classmates- Lyrics

Song / 曲: Doukyusei / 同級生 / Classmates
Artist / 歌手: Kōtarō Oshio with Yuki Ozaki from Galileo Galilei
Anime / アニメ:  Doukyusei / 同級生
Description: Ending Song

時計のいらない / tokei no iranai
(We) don’t need a clock

計れない長さの春を / hakarenai nagasa no haru wo
In this spring whose length cannot be measured

浮き立っては歩いてゆく / ukitatte wa aruite yuku
The two of us (are) walking exhilarated

二人の距離 / futari no kyori
(But) the distance between us

数センチがとても遠い / suu SENCHI GA totemo tooi
Is a few centimetres too far

ほら今 飛び立って / hora ima tobitate
Look, let’s start now

夏の雲を手で掴んで / natsu no kumo wo te de tsukande
Seizing the summer clouds in our hands

形がなく くすぐったいような気持ちで / katachi ga naku kusuguttai you na kimochi de
With this formless, ticklish feeling

風に吹かれ 焦っていた ころ / kaze ni fukare asette ita koro
(When we were) blown about by the wind and becoming flustered

覚えているかい どこへゆくのか / oboete iru kai doko he yuku no ka
Do you remember where (we) were going

決めないでいいよ / kimenaide ii yo
It is ok if we don’t decide

このまま続けよ / kono mama tsuzuke you
Let’s continue like this

鳥の針を巻こう / tokei no hari wo makou
Winding the hands of the clock

境目の見えない秋に / sakaime no meinai aki ni
In this autumn whose end cannot be seen

身を縮めて歩いてゆく / mi wo chijimete aruite yuku
Shrinking down and walking*

二人の距離 / futari no kyori
(But) the distance between us

数センチは 特別な何かで / suu SENCHI wa tokubetsu na nani ka de
The few centimetres is something special

思い出せるか / omoidaseru ka
Can you remember?

出会った日のこと / deatta hi no koto
About the day we met

今も変わらず / ima mo kawarazu
あのまま続いてる / ano mama tsuzuiteru
Even now, (we are) continuing without changing

ほら今 飛び立とう / hora ima tobitatou
Look, let’s start now

巡りゆく季節の端で / meguriyuku kisetsu no hashi de
At the end of these seasons that will come around

思うことは どこまで行けるかってことで / omou koto wa doko made yukeru ka tte koto de
What I think about is how far can we keep going

風に吹かれ 期待してた / kaze ni fukare kitai shiteta
Blown about by the wind I was hoping

いつまでも / itsumade mo
For forever

Note: ‘mi wo chijimete’ is a phrase used to refer to cowering in fear or despair

Additional Info: Doukyuusei, Yuuki Ozaki



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