Short Hiatus Notice~~~


I’m starting my post-graduate studies in Japan next week. So, I’m putting this site on hold for a little while, hopefully only one month, till I get settled there. I’m writing about my trip (mostly about me freaking out) in my journal, Rainwater and Daydreams!

Thank you all for the support, encouragement, comments and requests!

I will be back very soon!!



3 thoughts on “Short Hiatus Notice~~~

  1. Good luck dear,wishing you all the best in everything you do ♥ ^__^

    we’re the ones to thank you for sharing your hard work with us,and for being nice enough to take the time and spend your effort in order to respond to our requests,keeping us closer to the artists we love, helping us understanding what they are singing to us,and what is their feelings and thoughts are,and fully enjoying those songs we adore, that really means a lot ^__^

    although I’ll miss your posts and updates, but I’ll pray for your success, and will be patiently waiting for your return God willing, take care and Ganbatte~ (^O^)/

    Have a lovely day ✿



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