Monogatari Short Story by Nisio Isin – Maigo no Katatsumuri Translation

Maigo no Katstsuumuri (まいごのかたつむり The Lost Snail) is a short story from the Monogatari series written by Nisio Isin and included in the <Monogatari> Series Heroine Book No. 2 Hachikuji Mayoi

hachikuji mayoi monogatari maigo no katatsumuri translation

Please give suggestion/correction/changes wherever needed! ^_^

The Lost Snail

Text : Nisio Isin
Illustrations : Haritama Hiroki

Long, long ago, there lived a lost snail.
“I don’t have a home to go back to.
I want a home to go back to.”
The snail started on a long trip to find its home.

” I once used to reside a stately mansion.
But that home is no longer there.
It is not there anywhere in this world.”
The snail knew that homes do not last forever.
“Can’t I go back home.
I’ve been always walking for a long time.
But I do not want to go back to that house surely.”
The snail knew that such homes also existed.
Strange houses and ruined mansions.
There were different kinds of homes.
Bu no matter how much it searched, the snail couldn’t find its home.
“As you are a snail, isn’t what you are carrying on your back your home?”
“Not, it is not like that.”
“The home I am searching for is a place I can go back to.
A place where I feel reassured.
A place where I feel safe.
It is a happy place.”
“If that is the case, it is easy”
“From today, I am your home”
“When you want to be reassured”
“When you want to feel safe”
“When you want to be happy, come to me”
“I will always be looking forward to you coming back”
Though she did not find the home that she was searching for, the snail found a family.
The End.

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5 thoughts on “Monogatari Short Story by Nisio Isin – Maigo no Katatsumuri Translation

  1. Thank you for translation of these two short stories!
    But… er… these two were already been translated by anonymous from 4chan. Though your translation is better.
    And manga from Nadeko’s Heroine book was done too. The other short stories from Tsubasa’s Heroine Book, Kanbaru’s Heroune Book, and two from Fire Sisters were NOT done yet.

    As well as all five short stories from Bake official anime guide.

    I can provide you with scans from Nise official anime guide book and Kanbaru’s Heroine Book.


    • Hello~~ Thank you for always reading my translations ^_^ I want to translate all the short stories myself even if they have been done before!! I love this series so much and anyway these help in my learning Japanese!

      I have the Tsubasa and Kanbaru heroine books and will be doing them next! I don’t have books for Sengoku and the fire sisters though! Thank you for offering the scans 😀 That is very kind! I will ask for them when I am done with the ones I have first!!

      Thank you again for always reading!!


  2. Hi ! I’m currently leading a Monogatari short stories translation project on Reddit. Although I already linked to your blog, would it be alright for me to insert this translation into the original pictures from the Heroine Book and post them while giving you the credit ?

    Thanks in advance !



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