Kalafina – al fine Lyrics

kalafine al fine

Song / 曲: al fine
Artist / 歌手: Kalafina
Album/アルバム: Consolation

光が降る / hikari ga furu
Light is falling

始まりへと ドアが開く / hajimari he to doa ga hiraku
The door that leads to the beginning is now opening

ガラスの花 / garasu no hana
The glass flower

月の祭り / tsuki no matsuri
The festival of the moon

天の凍らす / ten no koorasu
The frozen sky

空の青と / sora no ao to
The blue of the sky and

琥珀の波 / kohaku no nami
The amber-coloured waves

夏の光 / natsu no hikari
The summer light

満ちて / michite
Is now full

一人じゃない/ hitori ja nai
We are not alone

心たちが 繋ぐ メロディー / kokorotachi ga tsunagu MERODII
The melody that connects our hearts

君の為に / kimi no tame ni
For you


al fine : Music term | Italian | a direction to continue to fine, the indicated end (source)

 Additional Information: Kalafina Official Site, Kalafina Wiki



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