Kalafina – Dolce Lyrics

hikari furu

Song / 曲: Dolce
Artist / 歌手: Kalafina
Single / シングル: Alleluia / アレルヤ

降り積もるのは / furitsumoru no wa
白く優しいもの / shiroku yasashii mono
Things that will pile up are those that are pure and gentle

柔らかな’時間 / yawaraka na jikan
A gentle time

小さな溜息 / chiisa na tameiki
A small sigh

迷い子の夢 / mayoi ko no yume
The dream of a lost child

丘の上をわたる / oka no ue wo wataru
(is) crossing over the hill

遠くで呼んでる / tooku de yonderu
静かな歌声 / shizuka na utagoe
The quiet singing voice at a distance

全ての命がたどり着く場所へ / subete no inochi ga tadoritsuku basho he
In the place where all our lives will eventually reach

二人手を取って / futari te wo totte
Taking each other’s hands

ただ歩いて行ける / tada aruite yukeru
(and) we’ll walk

愛を囁く / ai wo sasayaku
唇に溢れる / kuchibiru ni koboreru
From the lips that whisper of love, falls

甘く懐かしい / amaku natsukashii
恋の物語 / koi no monogatari
The sweet and nostalgic story of love

canta, dolce

Notes: canta – sing or chant; dolce – music to be performed gently (used as a direction in music)

Additional Info: Kalafina


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